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4. Cleaning Women's Jeans, it's her job

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While cleaning women's jeans, it's her job, most women would just put on their denims away just to put on later skipping the first wash. if If it looked fresh out of the packing doesn't mean everyone can skip the wash first step. Some women have gone on to develop jeans-rash for some severe for reasons like allergy and sensitive skin. While generally jeans have fast safe colors, often the deliberate fade as in fading jeans adds on to the character of jeans tend to loos its dye. For the thicker corduroy versions, aka canvas cover, remembering they originated from the docks in Genoa, Italy, heavily washing immediately would kill off the character of the wrinkles that supposed to fade unevenly with significant fading on your keen caps. Now withstanding that allergy happens to some women, these are what women with sensitive skin can do to minimize or even eliminate allergy and I’m not telling you about the cleaning label attached to your jeans;

While we discourage women from their new pair of raw jeans too soon depending on materials, deliberate fading types or materials with more cotton rather than synthetic, to avoid a sick fade, give it a prewash a new jeans in plain luke-warm water with a tea spoon of salt and rinse. Squeeze it gently or spin it in your washer at slow speed of not more than a minute.

If it appears stiff, adding a desert spoon flat with a softener helps but just add on an additional rinse.

Unless we’re classified as cleanliness nuts, for character, your next gentle wash should come months after depending on situation for a natural character building fade. Sooner if engine oils and strong stains isn’t part of your jeans character.

Never wash your jeans with strong bleach or detergents that promise to rid your jeans of stubborn stains as we know in most cases, when the character is gone, the jeans is gone too.

There are some jeans care detergent specially made for this purpose that you may want to check out in a supermart near you but, often even this we at e1womenjeans discourage on your first wash.

Lastly, jeans are supposed to last you a long time provided we do not grow or shrink sideways and some character comes with a little worn out tear or hanging fluff in strategic places.

We care about water wastages and water resources too, thus usage of excessive strong detergents are discouraged. We care about the environment.

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